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1991 Chevrolet Astro Van

Asking $750 obo.


This van was used primarily for Highway travel.


This van was used mostly for travel, and has been driven mostly by one driver for the last 100K miles. It runs quite well, and has a strong engine and transmission. Tires are Goodyear radials (we didn't use cheap tires). All seats can be removed for cargo hauling. Stereo speakers are not stock (Pioneer/Cerwin-Vega)

Obviously the paint job is in ruins, but this is only due to a manufacturing defect in the primer. There's some minor surface rust on the roof, but this can be sanded and coated.

There is also a very slow oil leak at the rear main seal. This is a part that normally wears out on Astro vans, and costs about $300 to replace. If not replaced, you will find that your oil level is a half a quart low every 3,000 miles at oil change, so this isn't any immediate danger.

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