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Brian Murphree

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To obtain a position in a network implementation, management, and support environment to utilize and expand my skills and abilities. 

Summary of qualifications


n     CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) #CSCO10027177

n     Cisco Equipment configuration and administration including:

Cisco 7513, 7204VXR, 2600 Series(with different Feature Sets including VPN), Catalyst 6509, PIX 520 Firewalls, including VPN applications, VPN 3000 Concentrators, VPN Client software, TACACS+ Authentication server, and Syslog messaging (Looking for more ATM experience)

§      Cisco IOS experience includes: Advanced configuration, VLSM, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP v2, IGRP, Static routing, BGP, Route Redistribution, security, Access lists, debugging, DDR, and more

§       Adtran Atlas WAN/CSU/DSU/Telco equipment operation & configuration. Experience in (minor with a SONET OC-12 Accu-ring), T1, T3, E1, Fractional T1 and E1, BRI, PRI (ISDN), Voice (FXS, FXO), NxIQ (Frame-Relay information hardware), DSX-1 PBX interfacing, OCU DP, Frame Relay, and remote Agent admin.   

n     Experience Network Associates Sniffer Pro 4.0 Software, TTC Fireberd (including Frame-Relay), T1/FT1 Bert, and oscilloscope experience

n     Extensive involvement with Carriers, including AT&T and MCI dealing with Frame-Relay, Frame-Relay CNMS on-line reporting and troubleshooting, T1/Fract T1 testing and management involvement with local CLEC’s in many geographical areas

n     Familiar with standards such as the OSI layer model, Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, Synchronous/Asynchronous Serial and HSSI interfacing, Several RFC’s (such as Private Addressing – RFC 1918)

n     HP Openview, Win NT Server 4.0 ,‘95/’98, OS/2, MS-DOS, MS-Office 2000 experience

n     Build, upgrade, and troubleshoot PC’s (HW & SW) almost constantly

§       Participation in Sales Engineering


Professional experience


Jan. 2000 – Present    Medscape/Total eMed                         Nashville, TN

WAN Engineer

§       Solely responsible for all routing equipment, local and client sites, solve networking problems with least cost, but most effective efforts.  Give presentations on network changes, training, and growth to executives, clients, and peer employees.

§       Aid in the process of bringing on new clients by presenting our model and coordinating with their Engineers and Administrators.

June 1999-Jan. 2000  Fulton Communications                        Norcross, GA

Network Specialist

§       Install, administer, and troubleshoot routers and access equipment for numerous T1, ISDN, PRI, BRI, Voice, Frame-Relay, etc. customers. 

§       Experience with voicemail and small PBX systems (MITEL, AVT, Lucent).


1993 – 1999      Adtran Inc.                                             Huntsville, AL

Engineering Technician

n     Analyze and testing of Frame Relay and CSU/DSU equipment; Setting up and testing Cisco routers, and Design Verification testing for Engineering.

n     Control actions of placing an engineering product into production.

§      “Freestyle testing” to find errors, bugs, design flaws, inconsistencies, and other design flaws in engineering products.



1989 - 1991       Calhoun College                                      Huntsville, AL

Two year diploma in Electronics Technology

n     [Dean’s List]

1988 – 1989      Madison County Technical                           Huntsville, AL

Two Year Certificate in Electronics

n     [Top 5% in class.]



Chip Reeves  at Adtran Inc. , Huntsville, AL 35807

Phone: (256) 963-8000

Darryl McClure at Fulton Communications, Norcross, GA 30071

Phone: 770-446-3100 ext. 105

Bill Garmon at Fulton Communications, Norcross, GA 30071

Phone: 770-446-3100 ext. 169